Sentiment towards EU at regional level

Cohesify => ( This data is derived from Eurobarometer survey data from 2015.

Time frame for analysis

There is a lot of historical data on GDP and cohesion fund payments, but in order to keep things simple, it is probably best to limit the analysis to the 2007-2016 period. This is 10 years of data, starting with the 2007-2013 funding period and ending halfway the 2014-2020 funding period. This is a time frame the EU is also using in many of its reports. This period contains the economic crisis from 2008 that many regions are still recovering from.

One issue is that the sentiment data is using the old regional boundaries (NUTS 2010), while the other data is using the new NUTS 2013 boundaries. So at the moment we have some NA’s when joining data together. Some manual mapping or filtering still needs to be done.


After some more research, some elements came up that make this story very relevant at this moment:

Story outline

1. Country GDP’s

The base numbers of the story are regional gdp numbers. Following chart shows the gdp per inhabitant for the countries of the EU.

But the cost of living is not the same in each country: with the same amount of money you could comfortably live in 1 country, but struggle in another. That’s why gdp numbers are corrected for differences in price levels.